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Nathe bits are known for being suitable for sensitive horses as they are extremely soft and gentle to the horse’s mouth. Whilst providing a sensitive feeling to the horse’s mouth they are soft and strong.

Nathe bits offer a range of styles including loose ring and full check snaffles, gags, pelhams, bradoons and weymouths. 

Because of their outstanding gentleness to the horse’s mouth and tongue it encourages the horse to soften in the mouth. The allergy-free mouthpiece has been proven to be excellent for sensitive mouths.


What's New From Nathe:

Please stop using the bits.

All single and double jointed Nathe bits with built-in plastic connectors and a pink „N" sticker on the bit end are affected by the recall. Nathe has initiated a product recall for all...

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Nathe Pelham Bit Collection

The Nathe Pelham Bit range has been developed to assist mouth sensitive horses to perform at the highest level. The Nathe Mullen Mouth Pelham Bit with Port relieves pressure on the middle...

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Nathe Pelham with Flexible Mullen Mouth …

The Nathe Pelham Bit with flexible Mullen mouth is suitable for strong horses and provides contact on the mouth, poll and lower jaw.It features variable rein options to adjust the...

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