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Cavalor was born in 1989, the brainchild of a young agricultural engineer named Peter Bollen. He had just completed his thesis, “Nutrition of the Sport Horse,” and was hired by a Belgian company whose managing director shared two of Peter's passions: equitation and horse nutrition. Together they decided to launch a line of products dedicated to the nutritional needs of high-performance horses.

Throughout the next two decades, Cavalor built an international reputation as the world leader in equine nutrition for high-performance horses. Cavalor has helped thousands of horse owners and competitors understand this very simple but crucially important equation: Proper Nutrition and Care = Top-level Performance.

Today Cavalor products are available in more than 50 countries worldwide and are used by champion riders. Cavalor offers a complete line of horse feed, supplements and care products. All are the result of years of intense research and development, thorough testing, selection of the highest quality ingredients, and strict manufacturing and quality control processes.

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What's New From Cavalor:

Edith and Little Betty Return to Pony Club

WHEN nine-year-old Shetland, Little Betty became unsound the Land family from Norfolk knew they had to do everything they could to get her comfortable.Owned by Nicola Land and ridden by...

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Sweet-Itch and Fly Control with Cavalor

Summer eczema is a common summer skin condition also known as sweet itch and occurs when culicoides, certain biting midges and flies salivate on the horse’s skin. The saliva causes...

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Cavalor Recup Gel – Helping Muscle Recovery

Cavalor Recup Gel is a natural, cooling blue-transparent gel that helps to enhance muscle and tendon recovery.The ingredients help support the cooling down and recovery process and so aiding with...

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First Aid Essential - Cavalor FreeBute Gel

Cavalor FreeBute Gel is an intense gel which can be used for swollen legs, painful joints and sensitive or overworked muscles and tendons. The externally applied gel is packed with...

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Cavalor Switch – Helping Seasonal Skin Irritations

IS your horse or pony prone to seasonal skin irritations, summer eczema or sweet itch?Cavalor Switch can be used to help the issues and is especially useful when skin becomes...

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Cavalor Dry Feet

Cavalor® Dry Feet makes the hoof a less hospitable home for necrotic bacteria thanks to the combination of different active ingredients. Glutaraldehyde has an astringent (drying) and hardening effect, while...

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Cavalor SoleMate

Cavalor® SoleMate provides natural care and prevention of sensitive hooves. The paste you put on the bottom of the horse’s feet functions as a cushion. Epsom salts combined with arnica...

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Cavalor PodoGuard

Cavalor PodoGuard hoof oil is a unique blend of nourishing and essential oils which penetrate deep into the hoof promoting optimal hoof condition.The nourishing oil in Cavalor PodoGuard creates an...

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Competition Preparation

In this issue leading show producers Simon and Natalie Reynolds provide advice on competition preparation in the run up to a show. Pre Competition - Preparing the CoatWhen getting horses ready...

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Cavalor and Muddy Conditions

Cavalor always believe that prevention is key. As warm, moist and muddy conditions are ideal for bacteria, it is important to avoid these environments where possible. When prevention is too...

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Cavalor Lurax Cream

Cavalor Lurax Cream provides the necessary nutrients essential for the regeneration of the skin cells. This promotes less scarring and faster hair regrowth. The cooling cream’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties...

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Cavalor Derma Wash Shampoo

Cavalor Derma Wash is a hygienic shampoo which is ideal for horses and ponies with flaky skin, dull coats or a skin condition.It is also the ideal shampoo to wash...

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