Sprenger is world renowned for bits, especially their patented range of Sensogan mouthpieces. These bits guarantee highest quality and advantages for riders and horses against the background of unique research and evolution.


Sprenger is known for its philosophy not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Due to permanent contact with top riders and trainers they are able to always adjust their products to the riders demand and furthermore to start new trends.

Made in Germany, Sprenger offer one of the most comprehensive range of bits that are of the highest quality. They use only the finest materials and components available and offer a bespoke special production service, tailored to the customer's individual requirements.

Their bits provide comfort and security for horse and rider and are used by many of the world's leading professional riders.

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What's New From Sprenger:

New Sprenger Sponsorship For Ben And Emm…

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Leading German bit and stirrups brand, Sprenger, has extended its team of riders and welcomed Team Hobday.Sprenger is best known for its philosophy not to be satisfied with what has...

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Sprenger Launch Exciting New Golden Flex…

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Sprenger has launched an exciting new stirrup, the Golden Flexcite Grip Stirrup. The Flexcite Grip Stirrups from Sprenger feature a bow form to help provide perfect balance to set the...

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Sprenger Launch New Pony Bit Range

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Sprenger has added new pony sizes to its range of popular bits following demand from younger riders.The smaller sizes have been included in seven bits from October as pony riders...

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Sprenger Launch New Flexcite Stirrup Gri…

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Sprenger has launched new Flexcite Stirrup Grips – a stainless steel pad for superior grip that fits into the Flexcite StirrupThe Flexcite Grip helps provide perfect balance to set your...

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Sprenger unveils special deal

Manufacturer of high-quality bits and stirrups, Sprenger, has announced a special deal for retailers in 2018.The offer gives a 20% discount off trade prices across all products from Monday 1...

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Rowel spurs get BE approval

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Following a review of its rules, The British Eventing Sport Committee has joined BD and the FEI in legalising horizontal rowel spurs for use in its competitions.This is good news...

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