Equipe goes cross country

Equipe has lanched a new EK-Class saddle specifically designed for cross country riding.

Developed as part of the E-Carbon range, the new EK-Class has inherited all the qualities of traditional Italian craftsmanship along with the revolutionary carbon fibre saddle tree. This means it’s not only highly technical, but also extremely lightweight and beautiful to boot!

Made of high quality Italian leather, the saddle adheres to Equipe’s commitment regarding attention to detail, innovative design, comfort and tailoring.

It’s fitted with a double set of rings to make attaching breastplates and airjackets easier and features a forward cut flap, surface mounted blocks and adapted knee rolls to provide perfect support for the cross country riding position. Available only in single flap, the saddle also boasts a new girthing configuration to help reduce pressure.

Like all the saddles in the E-Carbon range, the new cross country model can also be customised to suit the rider’s position in the saddle, while respecting their build. This ensures that Equipe is able to meet special requirements with regards to opening up the saddle tree, panel shape, size of flaps and choice of knee rolls.

Colours available: brown, new market, black and red brown. RRP from £3,500

Equipe is renowned for innovation and quality, developed through on-going research around the well-being of the horse and rider. It’s popular E-Carbon range includes jumping models; the EK-26, as used by Ben Maher, EK 27 which has a mid-deep seat, EK-Evo which the deepest seat and is also 27 cm wide, and the Special One which has the flattest seat and is 25 cm wide.

The underlying theme of the entire line is the carbon fibre saddle tree, a material well known for its lightness and sturdiness. Thanks to the advanced technology deployed and the adaptability of carbon combined with Kevlar, its structure offers excellent versatility and personalisation. The innovative shock abosorbing system improves comfort and performance, benefitting that very special ‘tuning’ between horse and rider.