Launched at Spoga in September 2015 the uvex variotronic eyewear is revolutionary and unlike any other product on the market.
The eyewear can be operated manually at the touch of a button, or be left to function automatically. Pressing the button underneath the arm of the eyewear triggers the electrochromatic activation of a liquid cystal film on the polycarbonate lens in just 0.1 second.

A sensor constantly monitors the light intensity and changes transmission from 64% light to 16% dark. The e-Tint liquid crystals in this high tech lens have been developed through our exclusive partnership with US experts at AlphaMicron, and modify the level of tint in an instant.
The re-chargeable eyewear is powered by a tiny built-in battery powered by USB cable which takes twenty minutes to charge and powers for fifty hours.
The uvex variotronic is available in Sports Shield, or full frame depending on your preference.
RRP Approx: £299.95