Uvex Sponsors at Blenheim Palace

Uvex the predominant German safety manufacturer for all extreme sports is sponsoring at Blenheim Palace international CCI*** 11th – 14th September 2014. Since arriving in the UK in 2013, and being distributed by Zebra Products the uvex helmets have become the hottest thing thing to hit the equestrian market because they enable riders to stay cool, keeping a cool head. Uvex are proud to work with leading riders such as Izzy Taylor, Badminton 2014 winner Sam Griffiths, Bill Levett, Ben Hobday, Ruth Edge and many more. It is no coincidence that these riders have enjoyed such great success having decided to wear perfomance enhancing equipment.

The mind sets of our athletes are changing, along with the materials used by technologically advanced manufacturers, helping to enhance athletic performances. Demand across the disciplines for sharp looking, high performance, premium products has led uvex to the UK market where traditionalism is slowly being usurped by the demand for sleek performance products.
The helmets undergo lengthy in-house testing and are Kitemarked by BSI to EN1384:1996/BSEN1384:1997 and ASTM F1163:04. Therefore satisfying the criteria required by all governing bodies and associations. The importance of correctly fitting helmets has been a long standing and contentious topic, and uvex have addressed the problems facing retailers and their staff by developing a fitting system that enables the depth of the helmets to be adjusted. The IAS 3D System.
The uvex perfexxion helmet meets the highest levels of safety, comfort, quality and style. They are available in a variety of models and finishes. From high gloss carbon black, matt black, paisley, navy blue, brown to name just a few of the options available to the rider. You can even indulge in a bit of 'Bling' with the perfexxxion glamour which has Swarovsi element details. uvex helmets are renowned for their superb adjustable fit, courtesy of their IAS 3D fitting system which provides a millimetre by millimetre fit enabling the helmet to fit any shape of head securely and safely. The IAS 3D system allows for the depth of the helmet to be altered, therefore satisfying the needs of riders who may have shallow, square or tall foreheads, long narrow heads or round heads. uvex helmets also only weigh approximately 335g – 375g.
A higher ventilation performance is provided by the air channelling system which runs through the insert of the helmet and the shell. This technology guarantees perfect air circulation and heat removal, especially designed for high performance sports and perfected in the world of speed cycling. This system performs like a high tech personal temperature controlled air conditioning system, ensuring the head remains cool. The removable, machine washable high tech lining of the helmet is a hygienic, anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, moisture wicking material which is interwoven with silver fibres which prevents bacterial growth and odours.
The appearance of the helmet is as impressive as its performance. The soft harness is fully adjustable and does not sweat, stain or rot. The surface can be wiped clean to maintain a sleek appearance and there is no possibility of fading, staining or ripping.
Simon Middleton of Zebra Products said "Uvex is delighted to be supporting Blenheim Palace and has embraced the opportunity to solidify their partnerships within the sport, throughout the industry. That we are able to sponsor such a prestigious Event after such a brief time in the market clearly demonstrates the depth and commitment of the brand. Extensive research into safety continues in the laboratories in Furth, which enables uvex to support and protect the riders of the present and the future".