Sprenger is delighted to announce their implementation of the brand Nathe into their program. 
From January 1st, 2020, Nathe will officially be distributed by Sprenger in the United Kingdom and Ireland by well-known equestrian distributors Zebra Products.
Nathe bits are known for being suitable for sensitive horses as they are extremely soft and gentle to the horse’s mouth. Whilst providing a sensitive feeling to the horse’s mouth they are soft and strong.

Nathe bits offer a range of styles including loose ring and full check snaffles, gags, pelhams, bradoons and weymouths. 

Because of their outstanding gentleness to the horse’s mouth and tongue it encourages the horse to soften in the mouth. The allergy-free mouthpiece has been proven to be excellent for sensitive mouths.

Made in Germany, Sprenger is known for its philosophy not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Due to permanent contact with top riders and trainers they are able to always adjust their products to the riders’ demand and furthermore to start new trends.

Sprenger use only the finest materials and components available. Their bits provide comfort and security for horse and rider. 

Said Simon Middleton of Zebra Products: “We are delighted to hear that Sprenger has managed to acquire the brand Nathe and we are very proud to be the UK distributor.
“Well-known for encouraging a sensitive feel when riding, Nathe bits have many benefits for horse and rider performance.”
Said Heiko Koch of Sprenger: “We are very excited to have Nathe bits under our umbrella of products. 
“Nathe bits are known for their high quality. In excellent cooperation with the experts  at Nathe we have been able to further improve quality, functionality and design of the Nathe bits.”