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Kastel Denmark by Charlotte Jorst is inspired by the strength of fortress “kastels” in her native country, Denmark. Channeling contemporary Danish Design, she was also able to capture important functional elements including protection from the sun while staying cool and active, along with durability and quality.

Simplicity paired with fashionable flare reflects her Danish heritage and love for timeless design. Charlotte’s creative direction for Kastel Denmark originated from her talent in the equestrian ring as an accomplished rider.

Through that industry she saw a void in the marketplace for easily available and affordable sun-protective outerwear. Having been affected both personally and through friends by the harmful results of sun exposure, Charlotte decided that her new venture would focus on the active individual with emphasis on ultra violet protection in many of the designs and product categories as well as through the use of other protective fabrics against the elements such as soft Merino Wool.


What's New From Kastel:

Look hot to trot while keeping your cool…

Kastel Denmark, manufacturer of gorgeous technical riding shirts, as worn by Andrew Nicholson and Oliver Townend, has extended its product line with the introduction of breeches. The new Camilla breech...

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Show your patriotic side with Kastel

Innovative active-wear label Kastel has developed its Studio Krystal shirt collection to include an eye-catching Union Jack design.The high-tech functional shirt not only looks stylish, but also offers supreme comfort...

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Zebra teams up with Kastel Denmark

Zebra Products Ltd has joined forces with innovative active-wear label Kastel Denmark to launch in the UK.Offering a range of functional clothing items that include protection from the elements, the...

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For more information please contact Zebra Products on: 44(0)1352 763350 info@zebraproducts.co.uk

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