THE team at world renowned bitting specialists, Sprenger and distributor Zebra Products have collaborated with EquiRatings to put together a fascinating podcast focused on the wealth of knowledge behind the brand.
Well known globally for their years of experience when it comes to bitting horses and ponies, Deike Bräutigam of Sprenger together with their ambassador leading event and dressage rider, Ruth Edge chat to EquiRatings, Nicole Brown in this Sprenger Special.

Nearly 150-years-old, the Sprenger brand is highly regarded for its innovation when it comes to developing a bitting range that has the horses’ welfare and riders horsemanship in mind at all times.

Said Nicole: “The EquiRatings Eventing Podcast is delighted to be working with Zebra Products to showcase a number of brands throughout the 2021 season and in June we are excited to launch a Sprenger Special of The Zebra Show.
“The podcast is approaching it's 1 millionth download in the coming months and has over 1,000 unique downloads every day.”
Ruth recounts her many years at the top of her chosen sports as both a rider and trainer, providing an insight into her favourite bits in the range and how she turns to Sprenger for advice to overcome any bitting issues she has with both her team of young horses and established stars.
Deike has worked at Sprenger for more than eight years and has competed in a range of equestrian sports at all levels.
Growing up in an equestrian focused family, Deike is passionate about making horses comfortable and happy when it comes to their choice of bitting and how that affects their way of going and training progress.
Said Deike: “Of course the type of bit has a great influence on the horse and choosing the right one is key, but when making that choice you must also think about the horse’s character and temperament as well as the level of the rider’s ability.”
Adds Ruth: “When you are working a horse with a light contact, that contact must be in a forward going way and Sprenger offer so many bits to try and help achieve this.
“It is so important not to be afraid to try different things. You know as a rider when the horse doesn’t accept the bit and contact.”
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