To promote horse welfare, British Showjumping is only allowing one type of whip in competitions from next year. From January 1, 2020 only cushion-type whips will be allowed.

These changes came about as a result of discussions between the officials’ working groups, and the BS national sport committee. The new ruling will apply to all members.

The new rule states, only one whip may be carried and no substitute for a whip may be carried. A whip, if carried, must be held in the hand by the handle with the handle at the top.

Zebra Products is the UK distributor for Fleck, one of the companies making whips that will be allowed under the new British Showjumping rule.

Managing Director of Zebra Products, Simon Middleton said: “I think the new rule is a brilliant, positive change ensuring equine welfare is always paramount.

“The whips are cushioned, so they are kinder. They are thicker and padded. A lot of eventers use them already.”

The Delta Pro Jockey Bat from Fleck is a classic, attractive bat handmade by experts to the highest standards from the finest materials and complies with the new British Showjumping rules.

It is designed with a fibreglass core, long soft cushion flap and a Delta Pro grip. The slim ergonomically shaped and unbeatable grip is designed in a triangular shape to enable optimum hold and handling.