Antique style for Christmas

When it comes to choosing a gift for the equestrian who seems to have everything why not consider an antique, silver topped riding or dressage whip.

Fleck is a traditional family run, whip making company from Germany who specialise in hand made whips. 

The Antique ferrules on this whip are etched into the silver and are delicate and subtle. The top ferrule is rounded and covers the head of the whip and the cuff around the neck of the whip is etched in the same pattern.

The whip itself is made from hand braided leather and comes in eight colours from standard Black and Brown through to fashionable statement colours such as White, Green or Purple. It is available in a variety of lengths – in a classic riding whip style of 24” through to a dressage size of between 40-60”. The dressage whip comes with a woven end tail or the riding whip comes with a classic bat style end.

All handmade and crafted to perfection, Fleck whips promise quality and style. So, this Christmas, why not treat an equestrian mad friend or family member to a beautiful, hand-made antique piece that they will cherish for years to come.

RRP: Riding Whip (Fleck 02095) starts at £250.00 Dressage Whip (Fleck 03095) £280.00