Feldmann Balance Whip

This unusual looking whip from Fleck is the perfect schooling companion for training your horse both from the ground and in the saddle.


Designed in conjunction with top German trainer and professional rider Walter Feldmann, the Feldmann Balance Whip allows the handler to hold the whip in perfect balance without effort. The special two part handle allows the handler optimum grip positions for different styles or work yet is light in the hand to allow for accurate whip handling for beginners and professional riders and trainers.

When riding, holding the top of the whip with the upper most “bulb shaped” handle  in the palm  gives a grip position with the optimum range. Holding the lower handle in the palm gives a grip position with optimum balance.

When used on the ground holding the uppermost handle in your palm it is an excellent touchier whip for work on steps such as lateral, piaffe and passage.

The whip is hand made in Germany and is available in two styles – the Classic Feldmann with the unique, trademark red wood balance handles and a woven black nylon covered shaft. Feldmann Sports (image attached) sees the handles in a soft rubber with ultra-grip and a choice of black or

Prices start from £30.  Available in 7 different lengths from 100cm – 160cm with 120cm being the FEI legal limit for a dressage whip in competition.