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Fleck is an internationally renowned German whip brand. Fleck whips have a pedigree heritage which dates back to 1870 and the brand today is the leading whip manufacturer around the globe.

The Fleck Whip collection ranges from riding, training and lunging whips through to show canes and in-hand whips and offers economy, professional or premium price pointing to suit all budgets. For every purpose, Fleck has the right item available. For every hand, it makes a suitable grip.

Fleck whips are handcrafted by experts to a contemporary design and reflect state-of-the-art technical developments.  Although Fleck use modern production techniques, many of their riding and driving whips still reflect their commitment to proven, traditional craftsmanship. Their wide range is topped off by exclusive and attractive innovations, such as the new triple dressage whip concept featuring an ergonomic grip and optimum balance, and many improved designs, such as the new assortment of Balance whips


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What's New From Fleck:

New Whip Line by Fleck – The Soft Whip For Strong Impact

Fleck launch new EVO Flex whip line. It is effective, precise and reliable. A new generation of whips designed for use as ‘soft dressage whips’. The new line includes the Dressage...

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NEW Fleck Jump Bat

Distributed by Zebra Products, Fleck has launched a NEW British Showjumping and British Eventing approved Jump Bat. Incredible Fleck quality in a totally approved Jump Bat, the new cushioned jump bat...

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How to Find the Right Dressage Whip for You

When it comes to the sport of dressage, contact and balance are key not only between horse and rider but also when it comes to your choice of riding whip.During...

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The Latest Innovations in Whip Technology

With the strapline - ‘At home in the world of equestrian sport’ - the team at Fleck ensure every single crop and whip bears the hallmark of their expert workmanship...

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Sprenger Podcast Showcases Bitting Know How

THE team at world renowned bitting specialists, Sprenger and distributor Zebra Products have collaborated with EquiRatings to put together a fascinating podcast focused on the wealth of knowledge behind the...

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Fleck British Showjumping Legal Whips

To promote horse welfare, British Showjumping and British Riding Clubs only allow cushion-type whips in competition.The Jumping Bats from Fleck are designed with a secure grip which allows the rider...

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Feldmann Sports Dressage Whip from Fleck

The Feldmann Balance Whips were designed with the input of well-respected horse expert, Walter Feldmann. Feldmann has decades of practical experience in training and collaborated with Fleck on the development...

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Sparkle with Fleck this Christmas

Launched at SPOGA, the new Economy SilkTouch Crystal Jumping Bat is the perfect Christmas gift for those friends who love some sparkle. Make a spectacular entrance with Fleck’s Economy SilkTouch...

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2020 British Showjumping New Whip Rules

To promote horse welfare, British Showjumping is only allowing one type of whip in competitions from next year. From January 1, 2020 only cushion-type whips will be allowed. These changes came...

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Fleck announces Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester as ambassadors

German whip manufacturer, Fleck is proud to announce that leading dressage riders Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester are its new ambassadors.

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Fleck jumps to it!

Leading whip manufacturer Fleck has extended its Carbon Composite line with a new jumping bat.Like the Carbon Composite dressage whip, the jumping bat is as ‘light as a feather’, thanks...

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Product of the Month

Feather weight from Fleck! The new Carbon Composite Dressage whip by Fleck. Leading whip manufacturer Fleck has added another string to its bow and this time it's as light as a feather! The...

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