The Equipe E-Carbon EK-26 includes the Special and GC as used by top showjumper Ben Maher.
The Equipe EK-26 Special and EK-26 GC Jump Saddles are the most popular style from the E-Carbon range chosen by many professional and amateur riders alike.
Crafted with a patent-pending carbon fibre tree, comprising of carbon and three-composite fibres that can be personalised in shape and thickness.
Alongside the carbon fibre tree the EK-26 Special and EK-26 GC feature the innovative shock-absorbing system D.S.B (Damping System EQ Bridge) that is extremely effective and improves the comfort and performance, to benefit that very special connection between horse and rider.

The EK-26 mini-range boasts constructional precision, lightness and robustness as its key features landing it at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.
Additional features such as the meticulously placed knee blocks and contrast stitching add a touch of luxury and elegance to the high-end EK-26 Special and EK-26 GC Jump Saddles.
Available in Black, Brown, Red Brown & Newmarket.
The Equipe EK-26 Special Jump Saddle is priced from £4,370 and the Equipe EK-26 GC Jump Saddle is priced from £4,370.