Zebra Products are delighted to introduce to you the GoLeyGo® 2.0 magnetic securing system for horses, created in cooperation with Kerbl and Covalliero.
GoLeyGo® is an innovative magnetic securing system that ensures a secure connection between human, horse and technology. Products include halters and lead ropes as well as adapter pins for use with existing halters. Made from high quality materials, the products impress both with design and simple operation.
Thanks to the long-standing expertise from the Kerbl and Covalliero brands in the equestrian sector, horse well-being and user-friendliness are combined skilfully in the second generation of GoLeyGo®.

Lavishly stitched and detailed with colour coordinated designs, the horse halters are made from high quality materials including a soft lining with coat-protecting synthetic rubber. They are designed with excellent adjustability, thanks to the pin buckle on the neck and nose straps. These halters come equipped with the GoLeyGo® 2.0 adapter pin ready to connect to a matching lead rope.
The lead ropes come in a choice of trendy colours and are made from tear-resistant polypropylene with excellent grip properties.
Offering 360° rotation, the adapter pin can be used with existing halters for a safe and fast connection. The adapter pin is easily screwed onto the metal ring of an existing halter and is then ready to be connected to the new GoLeyGo® 2.0 lead ropes, offering simple, quick and safe unlocking.
The easy handling, single-handed intuitive operation and the connection and separation of two elements in mere seconds make the GoLeyGo® 2.0 a unique, innovative product for greater comfort and security when leading horses.