Cavalor always believe that prevention is key. As warm, moist and muddy conditions are ideal for bacteria, it is important to avoid these environments where possible.
When prevention is too late it is important that bacterial infections are dealt with as soon as possible. Make sure the leg is dry before you apply Cavalor® MudDoc, a cream that works on different levels to help heal. This cream will absorb very easily to avoid a thick creamy layer because this can exacerbate an infection.
Apply Cavalor® MudDoc at least once a day, this acts as an antibacterial and promotes the healing of the skin. Make sure you keep applying Cavalor® MudDoc until the skin is totally healed and the hair has completely grown back. If you quit too fast, the problem may come back.
Always seek advice from your vet if you are concerned about your horse’s health.
Cavalor MudDoc is priced at around £31.50 for 200ml.