Welsh Section B pony Spice was struggling with a host of health conditions when she was rescued by the team at Leeds based charity, Hope Pastures.
Recently they rescued five ponies and two donkeys at high risk of laminitis and a sixth pony, Spice who was already showing signs of the condition.
When the adorable Spice arrived, the team undertook a cushings test for her and visits from the veterinary team and remedial farrier were also organised.
Said Sanctuary Manager, Leonnie Martin: “The consultations showed that Spice has pedal bone rotation and some sinking with the remedial farriery undertaken to try and help the situation.
“We also started her on LaminAid and PodoSens from Cavalor, a blend of several essential oils and a therapeutic hoof oil.
“As well as the remedial trimming, Spice also had shoes put on to provide her with more support.

“Despite the pedal bone rotation and sinkage our vet and farrier - after X-ray - felt she may be able to be helped so we started on the supplement and hoof oil in conjunction with a cushings test, which proved she was positive, and box rest with a deep bed.

“When she first came to us she was in pain and moving was a struggle - with careful vet and farrier care and giving her the added boost of LaminAid, Spice is much more comfortable and in a happier place.”

“We will be having another farrier visit in the next couple of weeks for more information on how she is progressing but we are hoping we will be in a position to give her some turnout.

“At Hope Pastures we have two soft turnout areas and a track system to help manage laminitis as we see such a lot of cases.

“Everyone is hoping for a good outcome for Spice so she could potentially have many more years enjoying her retirement.”

Cavalor LaminAid is a unique balanced combination of several essential oils. Each oil is charachtarised by a specific structure, composition and effect.

They work on various different levels in the body to support metabolism. The oils support the sensitive intestinal flora and bring hormonal and metabolic processes back in to balance.

Cavalor LaminAid also supports circulation towards the hoof.
Cavalor LaminAid is used in combination with Cavalor PodoSens.

Cavalor PodoSens is a therapeutic hoof oil. The blend of essential oils helps provide suppport for sensitive hooves and promotes hoof elasticity.