Stylish, up to the market and following the latest trends, the Cavallo Boot collection is offers something for everyone whatever your discipline and chosen level of sport.

But did you know?

1, Cavallo Boots are manufactured exclusively in Europe. The shoe makers have a wealth of skill and knowledge allowing boots to be bespoke with many different features.

2, The array of boots tops available allows for fantastic choice and includes patent leather, diamonds, metal pearls, star flowers and many more.

3, A number of the styles come with lace up fronts with hooks and eyelets giving a super stylish finish.

4, With longevity in mind at all times, the insole used is a technical antibacterial comfort-sole helping to provide a superb fit.

5, Cavallo Boot leather is only tanned in Europe with great respect and conscious responsibility to the environment.

6, Many of the boots made are ‘Goodyear welted’ which is a long standing term in the industry providing longevity, comfort and a sign of good style.

7, As well as long boots, Cavallo also make shorts boots including the Chelsea Slim made from high quality cow nappa leather.

8, When it comes to storage Cavallo Boots are best kept with cedar boot shapers inside. These premium quality shaft shapers with naturally smelling cedar wood adapt perfectly to shape and style.

9, The team at Cavallo recommend the boots are cleaned with a brush and/or clear, lukewarm water and then left to dry for several hours before applying Cavallo Care Shoecream.

10, Cavallo Boots come in a myriad of colours from Schwarz to Mocca, Hazel and Oxblood.