Cavallo’s Cajagrip breeches have received two glowing reviews!
These popular full seat breeches are made from lightweight Sofileta softshell material which means that they are extremely comfortable, breathable and heat regulating, helping to maintain a constant body temperature.

The super stretchy material ensures they are ideal for activewear and the Cavagrip® technology will help keep you secure in the saddle.
The Horse & Hound reviewer said:
“These breeches were extremely pleasant to wear, and also looked nice. They were easy to get on (not always the case with breeches!) and only slightly harder to pull off (I was sweaty!). They felt flexible and did not restrict movement in any way.
“I wore these breeches to ride on an extremely hot summer’s day, and noticed that I didn’t feel as hot and bothered as I usually do while riding in the heat. The breathable fabric is designed to regulate body temperature, and I feel as though this lived up to the claim as they certainly helped me stay cool even in plus-30 degree heat.
“The cavagrip full seat certainly helped me feel secure in the saddle which was welcome as, having not ridden for several months beforehand, it was shocking how much stability I had lost in my seat.”
The Your Horse reviewer said:
“The fit of these breeches can’t be faulted, they’re absolutely perfect. They’re so comfortable to wear. The soft material moves with you and the design at the knee allows complete freedom of movement. The full seat Cavagrip provides additional grip when you’re riding without restricting you.
“These breeches are worth every penny.”