Alogo move is the most accurate technology ever implemented in an equine sensor !
An innovative sensor, easy to use and lightweight, that allows you to significantly improve your horse performances. The ability to visualize the real jump trajectory, to identify the optimal parameters and to prevent injuries by analysing the smallest variations. All data available on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Whatever your level, information such as the length and height of the strides and obstacles, as well as the incredibly accurate GPS tracking, will allow you to customize your training in order to reach your goals quicker and more efficiently.
The Move analyses with extreme precision the displacement of your horse in a 3D environment. It detects your lateral balance – are you balanced? Straightness – Is your horse in axis? It also detects cadence, speed and the intensity of the session.
A simplified or detailed display.
Whether you are a leisure rider, an amateur rider or a professional, choose in the application the display mode that best suits your specific needs.
Precise and useful data.
Specially created and developed by a team of Swiss riders and engineers, the Move gives you the most precise data on the market. Thanks to a top-notch technology, used too in aeronautics industry, the Move provides a unique in-depth analysis of the horse’s movement, like the real 3D trajectory.