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Our mission is to modernize equestrian sports.
Alogo Analysis is a High-Tech Swiss company that develops analytics tools for the equine industry. We develop a range of extremely accurate and cutting-edge products that quantify the athletes’ performances and to follow the evolution from health to horse locomotion.
An end to the complexity
For the competitions, it’s about to make the experience more attractive for the public during equestrian sports events, by providing advanced statistics in a visual and playful way.
For the trainings, our mission is to give a unique and innovative tool to the riders and coaches to see the data of their training session in order to optimally understand their performances and improving them.
This tool, the Move, also helps to prevent injuries by revealing even small changes in performance that can be unnoticed in classic training without analytics tools.
Founded by a rider for the riders
David Deillon is a former professional show jumping rider who has competed and ranked at the highest level (5*) within the Swiss Team.
Among his highest achievements, he participated three times at the CHI Geneva, at the CSI 5* in San Patrignano, at the CSIO in Linz and Copenhagen with the Swiss Elite Jumping Team and at the Junior and Young Rider European Championship.
Nowadays, he rides his horse every day and trains some young riders at Apples Stables in Switzerland.
He brings all his know-how and in-depth experience to Alogo Analysis, which enhances the development of a range of high-tech products that perfectly meets the specific needs of the entire equine industry, including riders, coaches and event organizers.

What's New From Alogo

We are delighted to announce we are the …

Alogo move is the most accurate technology ever implemented in an equine sensor !An innovative sensor, easy to use and lightweight, that allows you to significantly improve your horse performances...

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