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Ever since the company was founded in 1926, the uvex brand has been synonymous with top-quality and innovative products that provide head-to-toe protection for sports, leisure and work. Our manufacturing expertise is built upon decades of experience and the consistent application of new technologies. The lightest protective glasses in the world, for example, the "uvex Super G", weigh just 18 grams.

Most of our manufacturing work is done in Germany and Europe: uvex is "Made in Germany" by conviction and tradition.
In-house expertise and know-how ensure our products are of the highest quality and adhere to stringent safety standards. Research and development work into new materials and processes is also undertaken in Germany and forms an integral part of our company philosophy – protecting people.

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What's New From UVEX:

Uvex Exxential Hat Offer

Zebra Products has launched an exciting promotion on the Uvex Exxential helmet range. The Uvex Exxential riding helmet collection is designed to attract all those who ride from leisure to...

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Ben and Wilberry

The Wilberry Wonder Pony Charity, #kickingcancersbutt; set up by the inspirational young Event Rider Hannah Francis has inspired individuals and brands to support her ideals and beliefs; not only in...

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UVEX is back!

We are delighted to bring you some positive news from UVEX.The Exxential helmet has landed and will be available to purchase from the following Retailers now. The helmets are BSI...

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uvex successfully entered the equestrian glove market in 2015 , and have since been developing new products to add to the range. The latest addition is the uvex tensa collection...

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Important Notice

In light of the recent standard changes and the revised rulings of the Associations regarding helmets for the 2016 season we would like to make all parties aware of the...

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UVEX VG1 Helmets

Delivery of the much anticipated Uvex VG1 helmets will take place in January 2016 for the beginning of the competitive 2016 season. All of the governing associations, BD, BS, BE...

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Hands on - Team EWW tests the Uvex i-per…

Uvex sports took over the reins at the helm of the historical glove manufacturer Schwenkel at the start of the year. Deciding to embrace the history and tradition of the...

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News from Spoga September 2015

As we head into 2016 riders will be aware that they cannot use helmets manufactured to BSEN1384 , and instead require helmets manufactured to the intermediary standard of VG1, PAS015...

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For more information please contact Zebra Products on: 44(0)1352 763350 info@zebraproducts.co.uk

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