Sprenger Jointed Stirrups

Stirrups should provide the rider's foot with good support, stability, comfort and safety. There are many stirrup models on the market with different objectives. Appearance, flexibility, riding comfort or safety to name a few. The pioneer of stirrups with safety effect was the System-4 stirrup from Sprenger. Since then, professionals like Ingrid Klimke or Marcus Ehning rely on the advantages of jointed stirrups. Over the years further models followed to the System-4. The Bow Balance and Flexcite stirrups also enjoy great popularity.

The unique advantage of the jointed stirrups is the built-in flexible joint. It allows the movement of the ankle joint. This relieves strain on the ankle, knee and hip joints as well as tendons and ligaments. Also, the flexibility of the joint generally makes it easier to release the foot in the event of a fall.

The size and nature of the treading surface can also have a positive influence on the safety of stirrups. The Bow Balance and Flexcite stirrup so have an especially wide tread. This tread has different degrees of rubber hardness. This gives the foot a comfortable and non-slip stand. Should the rider still lose the stirrup, the stirrups do not start to "swing" due to their balance. You can thus pick them up easily again.

The tread width should be at least half a centimetre to each side at the height of the ball. The foot must be easy to move in the stirrup. But the stirrup should also not be too large for the foot. Otherwise there is a risk that it might slip completely through and, in the worst case, the rider could get stuck.

To prevent the rider from slipping through the stirrup, riding boots or shoes should definitely have a small heel. Some prefer to use riding shoes rather than boots or ankle boots. you should choose a sole that is not too wide and thick. Please avoid laces, buckles and eyelets, which can get caught in open or opening stirrups.  

Flexcite Grip Stirrups
The Flexcite Grip Stirrups from Sprenger feature a bow form to help provide perfect balance to set the rider’s leg in the correct position whatever the discipline.
Shock-absorbing and gentle to ligaments and joints, the grip supports the release of the foot in case of an emergency.
The extra wide foot pad has a stainless steel grip inlay for a non-slip, secure hold and has a hermetically sealed, water protected stainless steel joint.
From RRP £215.90

Bow Balance Stirrups
The Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups feature the innovative Sprenger four-link-system technology. Sprenger has a safety standard of 1600kg for all their four-link-system stirrups, ensuring a very a high breaking strength.
Bow form reduces the risk of the foot becoming trapped within and ensures enhanced security, pivoting into four directions simultaneously. 
Covered by rubber the stirrups are shock-absorbing and gentle on ligaments and joints.
The Bow Balance stirrups encourage perfect leg position and balance.
The stirrups have an extra wide tread pad for perfect balance and come with two types of rubber hardness for a better grip.
From RRP £195.00