New Jumping Saddles from Equipe ECarbon Collection

Selleria Equipe known all over the world for their saddles and accessories introduce the latest jumping saddles to join their ECarbon Collection as the EK Elba and EK Ischia. 
The Equipe brand represents an excellence in the equestrian sector, known all over the world for the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail of its saddles and accessories. Experience, style, elegance and functionality are combined in a production process completely within the company, celebrating Made in Italy.
EK Elba and EK Ischia are both jumping saddles from the ECarbon Collection, a material well-known for the advantages it affords in constructive precision, lightness and sturdiness. These are mechanical performances that are further enhanced by diversification in the material composition of the saddle tree in its two front and rear sections to comply with the two respective requisites of rigidness and flexibility, and by the innovative shock-absorbing system that improves comfort and performance, to the benefit of that very special “tuning” between horse and rider.

The stunning EK Elba saddle benefits from a wider seat and a higher cantle to give support and aid confidence when in the saddle.
The EK Ischia saddle has a very narrow seat making it ideal for super close contact allowing for the riders legs to remain near to the horse. The seat has a deeper feeling allowing the rider to feel secure in the saddle. 
Equipe saddles can be personalised to the need for rider comfort as well as respecting the horse’s morphology. Selleria Equipe is therefore able to satisfy particular needs relative to the opening of the saddle tree, shape of the saddle panels, dimensions of flaps and choice of knee-rolls.
Personalisation is also available in the needs of aesthetics, with Equipe you can add a splash of colour to your saddle with coloured welting and stitching. This customisation really makes the saddle unique to its rider. Choose from a vast array of colours including gold, silver, red, purple and pink. 
EK Elba and EK Ischia jump saddles are available in Black, Brown, Red Brown and New Market. 
EK Elba & EK Ischia RRP from £4,500.