The Amerigo Safety Stirrup

Amerigo’s Safety Stirrup, is born from the idea of creating a functional accessory that is innovative yet original. 
Created from lengthy commitment in research and development, the Amerigo Safety Stirrup is characterised by its aesthetic lightness and simplicity of release.   The choice of materials used to create the Safety Stirrup reflects the attention paid to the high quality and innovation of Amerigo’s values.

The black tread of the stirrup, equipped with holes and grip finish, has a special scratch-proof treatment. The main arch of the stirrup which is fixed is made in Ergal, a material renowned for its mechanical properties, far superior to all other aluminium alloys. 
The green coloured mobile silicone arch of the stirrup allows for a simple release in case of a fall. The upper part of the silicone arch is engaged by a pin built into the fixed side and, during a fall gets easily released and is easily restorable after having been released. No tools are required to restore the stirrup.
The lower section of the silicone arch works to prevent the stirrup from loosening under conditions of normal use. The simple release system has no springs, hooks, magnets or other elements that could break or get stuck. 
Amerigo always embodies the values of excellence in horsemanship thanks to an approach that highlights the importance of the rider’s comfort and the horse’s wellbeing. Design, quality materials and skilful manufacture come together to create saddles and accessories that stand out for functionality and elegance.
The Amerigo Safety Stirrup is currently available in four colour options. The green silicone arch can be combined with a black, silver, bronze or titanium coloured metal arch. 
The stirrups are priced at around £324.50 and a replacement rubber arm is priced at around £51.50.