Cavalor Sweet-Itch and Fly Control

Summer eczema is a common summer skin condition also known as sweet itch and occurs when culicoides, certain biting midges and flies salivate on the horse’s skin.

The saliva causes an allergic reaction and will show in the signs of irritation, inflammation and discomfort for many horses. It is often a recurring itch that goes hand in hand with dermatitis.  

The reaction causes a constant itch at the mane, base of the tail, head and ears which results in chafing. When scratching, horses can injure themselves, which could lead to secondary bacterial injections. 

Cavalor SwItch has been specially developed for horses that are sensitive to seasonally recurring skin irritations, such as sweet itch. 
One of the active ingredients in Cavalor SwItch, benzyl benzonate is known to have a repellent function, which is an important step in the prevention of sweet itch. Other hydrating nourishing ingredients will take care of damaged and itchy skin. 
The spray works on different levels, which is why you can use Cavalor SwItch as both a treatment and a preventive. Cavalor SwItch helps to repel insects keeping them at a distance and quickly relieves itching. 
The spray is very easy to use and has a soothing and wound healing effect on the skin. For that reason, the itchy feeling is reduced and hair grows back faster.


Cavalor FlyLess is a highly effective insect repellent spray created to protect horse and rider against horseflies, flies, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects.
The pleasant fragrance will make sure you can enjoy your summer ride in contentment and make sure your horse and pony is relaxed when out in the fields or stabled.
The non-sticky, non-grease formula is gentle on the skin and won’t harm or stain your clothing or leather.
Cavalor FlyLess contains Icaridin a repellent molecule registered for both human and horse. Icaridin forms a scented blanket on the skin, disrupting the mechanism that attracts insects to human and animal skin. 
Because Icaridin does not kill the insect, the insect won’t develop resistance to Cavalor FlyLess. 
Cavalor Switch is priced at £33.00 for 500ml. 
Cavalor FlyLess is priced at around £24.00 500ml.