When Peak Performance Counts

Cavalor Peak Performance improves mobility and performance in sport horses by stimulating blood circulation and boosting lymphatic system function. 
The supplement is a balanced blend of essential oils and herbal extracts that improve the horse’s alertness and performance. The natural ingredients promote the efficient transport of oxygen through the bloodstream and ensure that toxins are quickly eliminated by the lymphatic system. The result is more energy and faster recovery times. This focus on the lymphatic system makes Cavalor Peak Performance an innovative way to improve a horse’s general condition and stamina and fight fatigue. It also ensures good health, as the lymphatic system is also an important component of the immune system. 
Cavalor Peak Performance is the ideal supplement for high performance horses.
A fit horse has sufficient stamina, a strong, supple body and is energetic – qualities that are essential for training and competition.
It is important to make sure that your horse takes in energy corresponding to its needs. Provide sufficient concentrate feed if your horse is in hard work, but no more than necessary. Moreover, do not confuse energy with stamina or temperament. A horse that is exhausted after just fifteen minutes does not have stamina. And “hot” horses can also have too little energy.
If your horse is suddenly tiring much faster or seeming less active then look for what may be the cause.
Cavalor Peak Performance - 500ml - £145.50