New Veredus Olympus Absolute Tendon and Fetlock Boots

The Veredus Olympus Absolute Tendon Boots are designed to provide a combination of comfort and protection for your horse.

The anatomically-shaped shell gives greater freedom of movement at the knee and fetlock area, while also ensuring perfect positioning on the horse's legs for comfort.

The shell consists of two distinct parts with different density and rigidity: The main shell is made from 54-SHORE TPU, a flexible and extremely strong polyurethane mixture that provides excellent protection against abrasion, deterioration and the multiple stresses caused by the activities of sports horses. It maintains its elasto-mechanical properties from -15C to +50C without variation in rigidity and flexibility.

The back of the boot has extra protection for the flexor tendon made from 66-SHORE TPU, which is a more rigid, protective polyurethane mixture that also contains a section of EVA foam to help protect the flexor tendon from shock and bruising.

The soft, adjustable elastic straps allow for comfortable fitting to all shapes and sizes of leg, eliminating problems caused by too tight a fit or excessive pressure. The special elastomers contained in the straps maintain constant tension over time and don't change their elasticity when wet.

Undeformable Flextan tips on a stainless steel clasp allow extremely fast hooking and unhooking, even with just one hand, making these boots quick and easy to put on and take off.

The closure holes have a narrowing that guarantees a secure hold, avoiding the possibility of accidental unhooking during work or competition. The tips are guaranteed and tested for 5,000 hooking/unhooking cycles. They are not subject to wear and tear and provide the maximum security and reliability.

The Veredus Olympus Absolute Fetlock Boots signal a new generation in hindleg jumping protection for your horse from the Italian boot specialists.

With a whole new design and shell, they have an improved anatomical shape to perfectly correspond to the contours of the horse’s limbs, without creating pressure or limiting movement.

The outer shell is made from Bayer polyurethane, which is highly resistant, flexible and not affected by temperatures.
Meanwhile, the anti-shock EVA insert is five times denser than the shell. These two parts of the boot form a single piece – there is no glue or stitching, resulting in an extremely protective, durable and flexible boot.

This protective surface is wider and more extensive than previous Veredus models to offer even more protection.

Double ventilation helps to ensure your horse’s legs are in optimum condition to reach their full potential.

The heat released from the horse’s legs passes through an AEROX micro-perforated neoprene layer - designed to facilitate the removal of heat. This is then distributed in the 3D mesh ducted fabric and out through the air ducts so the ventilation is everywhere.

Quick release tipped elastic straps with a choice of four pre-set closure positions makes the boots extremely practical to put on and remove, and allow them to fit a range of different leg shapes.

The Veredus Olympus Tendon Boots are available in Black or Brown, in sizes Small (Pony), Medium (Full) or Large (Extra Full) priced at £121.00.

The Veredus Olympus Absolute Fetlock Boots are available in Black or Brown, sizes Medium (Full) or Large (Extra Full) priced at £149.00.