Layer Up During The Colder Months With Covalliero

The key to fighting the chill during colder months is by creatively layering up your clothing.
Layering multiple pieces of clothing works to keep you warm better than one thick layer. The main benefit of layering your clothing, other than to make a fashion statement both at the yard or whilst out and about, is it allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature by easily adding or removing a layer depending on the time of day.
Of course there aren’t any hard and fast rules for layering clothes when it comes to fashion, but here are a few tips and tricks to get you started:

• It all begins with your first layer. Ideally this layer will be well fitting, light and hug your body. The Covalliero Active Shirt would be a perfect base for any layered look as it is lightweight, breathable and has been crafted from an elastic material with a close, skin fit cut.

• Next it’s the middle layer which can be one or multiple layers depending on the look you want to achieve and how cold it is outside. However, it is still important to remember that this item needs to fit well and be comfortable when worn above your base layer. There are many different options that you can choose from for a mid-layer from Covalliero from the Sweater to the Combi Jacket there will be a combination to suit everyone.

• Finally, when choosing the outer layer it is important to remember this will be the layer that is most exposed to the elements so it is wise to take into account that the outer layer should be waterproof.
Another thing to bear in mind when choosing the outer layer is how long you want the jacket/coat to be and how much protection you would like it to offer.
If you are looking for a standard length piece to finish the look, why not consider the Quilted Jacket or if you would like an extra-long garment for additional added protection take a look at the Quilted Coat.
Combining these clothing items in either the same colour or in a contrasting colour scheme will make sure that you are prepared for any occasion whilst making a fashion statement.