The New Amerigo Octave Jump Saddle

The new Amerigo Octave jump saddle combines a refined classic elegance with technical design, underlined by luxurious hides coming from Italy and France.
Completely manufactured in Italy as all Amerigo saddles,

the Octave features a versatile shape that makes the saddle suitable for many different horse’s backs.
It also comes with a seat that can be chosen in two different depths (deeper or flatter) according to personal rider preferences.

Each saddle is individually made to ensure a precise fit and the panels in MPS, (microfunctional panel system - a unique mixture of synthetic fibres that can be made with different levels of volume to suit each horse) provide balance and comfort for top performances. This new saddle is available in three leather choices and four colour versions (brown, black, red brown and new market).
The Amerigo Octave Jump saddle is priced at around £4,560.