Covalliero Winter Warmers

Being an equestrian means you have to go outside, regardless of the weather. In winter, this means cold days and every chance of getting wet!
One of the best ways to stay warm and dry in winter is by layering up, do it in style with the new Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection from Covalliero. The new Collection boasts a range of products from breeches to coats, in a variety of stunning autumnal colours. Covalliero has you covered to stay warm and dry in style.

The latest Autumn Winter clothing range from the forward thinking design team at Covalliero encompasses style and sophistication making any outfit a statement look this season.

Pair the Riding Tights with the Active Shirt for an ideal everyday look whilst on the yard or out and about training on warmer days this winter.
The Riding Tights have been designed with winter in mind, made from a lightweight softshell-like material with a warm inner. These Riding Tights are heat-regulating and breathable, featuring a full seat made from an anti-slip silicone and a practical mobile phone pocket means you will be prepared both in and out the saddle.
The Active Shirt provides an ideal base layer for an attractive look featuring warming long-sleeves, the shirt is lightweight and breathable with a fleecy soft inner and a thumb loop which allows the sleeves to sit brilliantly, meaning you will never want to take it off!
For the days that are slightly colder add the Combi Jacket as an added extra layer of warmth. The Combi Jacket is an ultra-sporty and super-light hybrid jacket made from soft shell and quilted material.
For those winter days that are freezing cold and the weather is unpredictable layer up with the Quilted Jacket to stay warm and dry no matter what the occasion, because who doesn’t love a quilted jacket whilst at the yard or out and about at the shops.
Why not finish off your look by accessorising and adding warmth with a matching cap, browband or scarf from the Covalliero collection.

High-Tech Features to look out for to ensure you stay warm and comfortable at all times this winter are:

Breathability is key and refers to the ability to allow water vapour to escape. The fibres wick the moisture away from the skin very quickly.

Waterproof clothing is measured through the water column rating in mm which is the index for water tightness. It indicates the water pressure at which a material becomes permeable to water.

Water-resistant fabrics are textiles that are set apart by their special coating. This repels water from the surface and prevents water permeation.

Windproof as the penetration of wind cools down the body because the warm air layer is ‘blown away’. This makes the outside temperature feel colder than it actually is with wind chill effect.

Perfect fit - look for clothing that has an elastic ability, moving as you move.

Feather-light means very lightweight material is transformed into extremely durable and comfortable functional clothing.

Multilayer, each section in layered clothing should make it easier for the body to maintain a constant temperature.

Moisture-wicking as the fibre is specially treated so that moisture is quickly transported to the exterior and the body is not cooled down.

A quick-drying material is one where the fibres do not absorb any moisture, but rather directs it to the exterior.