Fit For a King

In this issue we talk to Emily King on her love for Bucas rugs.

Sponsored Rider of Zebra Products and Bucas, Emily King has been using Bucas rugs throughout all of her professional career over the last nine years and continues to do so.

One of her particular favourites in her Bucas collection includes the Power Cooler which is a high performance, light weight multi-purpose rug that is ideal as a sweat rug, travel rug, competition and light stable rug.

Said Emily: “The Bucas Power Cooler is ideal for when the horses have been exercised and washed off as it helps to wick away moisture ensuring the horses stay warm and comfortable.”
Another one of Emily’s firm favourites is the Power Turnout which has a waterproof and breathable ballistic nylon outer and Stay-dry Anti-Bacterial lining which means the rug can be put on a wet horse, the same way as a sweat rug. It will quickly dry the horse and can be left on, thus avoiding extra rug changes. The Bucas Power Turnout is available in a Classic cut, with a Combi Neck sold separately, Big Neck and High Neck style. Said Emily: “These rugs are extremely tough so there are never any concerns even when the young horses are playing in the field as they don’t rip or tear, ensuring they stay warm and dry.
“What I love most about Bucas rugs is their fit and durability. The rugs fit the horses incredibly well which ensures no rubs or sores.”
During the winter months Emily’s horses will wear a Freedom Twill Sheet and a Bucas Quilt in the stable at night. Ensuring they are warm and comfortable at all times.
The Bucas Power Cooler is available in colours Navy and Black, in two versions, classic cut in sizes 5’6-7’2, priced at around £78.00. The Bucas Power Full/Neck Cooler is available in sizes 5’0”-7’0”, priced at around £94.00.
The Bucas Power Turnout is available in colour Silver, in a variety of different styles, with sizes ranging from 5’0’’ to 7’2’’. Priced from £231 to £293 depending on the style.
The Bucas Quilt is available in a Classic cut or Big Neck (available in 150g) design with two different linings (Stay-dry or Dermo-care), with two different weights available 150g or 300g, in colour Navy, and sizes ranging from 5’0’’ to 7’0’’. Priced from £104 to £136.
Bucas Freedom Twill Sheet is available in colour Navy, in sizes 5’6” to 7’0”. Priced at around £59.