Truly Innovative - The New Alogo Movement Tracker

LOOKING to improve your horse’s performance and prevent injury before it happens?
The new Alogo movement sensor has been researched and developed over a number of years and is the most accurate technology ever implemented in an equine sensor.
Both lightweight and easy to use the sensor has the ability to visualise the real jump trajectory or stride pattern of a horse.

With this information riders and trainers then have the ability to identify the optimum parameters such as reach, level, athleticism to help prevent injuries by analysing the smallest variations.
All the data provided from the sensor can be made available to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Whether competing at Riding Club, affiliated or world class level, the information such as the length and height of the strides and jumps, as well as the incredibly accurate GPS tracking is hugely valuable.
This will allow rider’s, owners and instructors to develop a training system and regime to help horse and rider reach goals quicker and more efficiently.

Alogo analyses with extreme precision, the displacement of the horse in a 3D environment.
It detects the rider’s lateral balance - are you balanced in the saddle, straightness, is your horse in axis and cadence, speed and the intensity of the session.
The Alogo sensor works by being easily attached to the horse’s girth where the user can choose the best display mode for the rider, whether a leisure, amateur or professional.
Developed in Switzwerland by a team of specialists in equestrian analytics, the cutting edge technology is now being used by competitors and trainers in the sports of show jumping, eventing and dressage.
The data collected allows riders to truly visualise what they have done and show them evidence that can then be analysed and used to improve performance and results.