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Sprenger are world renowned for bits, especially their patented range of Aurigan mouthpieces. These bits guarantee highest quality and advantages for riders and horses against the background of unique research and evolution.


Sprenger is known for its philosophy not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Due to permanent contact with top riders and trainers they are able to always adjust their products to the riders demand and furthermore to start new trends.

Made in Germany, Sprenger offer one of the most comprehensive range of bits that are of the highest quality. They use only the finest materials and components available and offer a bespoke special production service, tailored to the customers individual requirements.

Their bits provide comfort and security for horse and rider and are used by many of the world's leading professional riders.

Top international riders who choose Sprenger include; Carl Hester, Ruth Edge and Ian Woodhead and Oliver Townend.


Top international riders who choose Sprenger


Carl Hester


Ruth Edge
 Charlotte Dujardin


Laura Tomlinson
Maria Eilberg


Michael Eilberg



What's New from Sprenger;

Sprenger News

Sprenger spreads a little Christmas chee…

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To support retailers at a busy time of year, Zebra Products will be offering a discount on all Sprenger orders.From 1 December 2016 until 17 January 2017, retailers will be...

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Sprenger strengthens bit range

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Premium German bit manufacturer, Sprenger, has added four new designs to its extensive product range.

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Zebra treats retailers to Sprenger trip

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A group of lucky retailers from the UK and Ireland were treated to a two-day trip to Sprenger in Iserlohn, Germany by Zebra Products Ltd. They were given a tour...

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Modern twist on spurs

  • Click to enlarge image Ultra-fit-extra-grip-BLACK.jpg
Sprenger has added a new black series to its popular Ultra Fit Extra Grip spurs. Offering a modern, streamline look these matt black stainless steel spurs have a Balkenhol fastening and...

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Sprenger’s slimmer alternative

  • Click to enlarge image HO-Weymouth-12mm.jpg
Due to demand Sprenger has introduced new 12mm versions of its Novocontact bradoon and HO Weymouth bits. With many horses having less room in their mouths to accommodate thick bits, especially...

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Spurred on by design

  • Click to enlarge image comfort-roller-spurs.jpg
Sprenger has updated its popular Comfort Roller spurs to include a vertical rowel making them FEI and BD legal. The unique, innovative design ensures a softer aid for horses, thanks to...

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Retailers are chomping at the bit!

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A group of nine retailers were invited on a trip to Germany to visit the home of leading bit manufacturer, Sprenger, courtesy of Zebra Products Ltd.The visit included a trip...

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Sprenger introduces its latest invention…

  • Click to enlarge image novocontact.jpg
Sprenger has launched a brand new bit range – the novocontact. The German bit manufacturer's latest invention showcases a unique oval shape design which widens the contact area of the mouthpiece...

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Sprenger Comfort Roller Spurs

Sprenger Comfort Roller Spurs Sprenger Spurs are made from the finest stainless steel and come in a variety of styles to suit the rider and horse.

  • Click to enlarge image Comfort-Roller-47551_009_55.jpg
As we come into the competition...

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New Sprenger SENSOGAN® HS Weymouth

New From Sprenger Sprenger have launched the HS Weymouth in their new and totally unique metal called SENSOGAN®.

  • Click to enlarge image SENSOGAN-HS-Weymouth.jpg
It is the distinctive composition of Copper, Manganese and Zinc that makes SENSOGAN® so...

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SENSOGAN from Sprenger

SENSOGAN® from Sprenger After two years of research Sprenger launch new bitting collection…. The next generation of bitting has arrived, with the launch of Sensogan® from world leaders in bitting technologies Sprenger.

  • Click to enlarge image SENSOGAN-Gebiss-II.jpg

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Pelham Bit Converters

Pelham Bit Converters – a modern approach from Sprenger The Pelham is a bit that provides additional action on the poll. Pressure is applied to the lower jaw bones by the...

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Sprenger Bitting Clinic

Exclusive Sprenger Competition Sprenger Bitting Clinic This informative bitting morning will take place at Somerford Park home of eventing for the North West and the retail store Hope Valley.  

  • Click to enlarge image Ruth-Edge-photo-emailer--Kit-Houghton-photography.jpg
A bitting expert from...

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Sprenger helps you stay in control

Sprenger helps you stay in control

  • Click to enlarge image 40711_56-Max-Control.jpg
Leading German bit manufacturer Sprenger has launched some clever new bit designs to give riders better control and horses a more comfortable ride. Launched at...

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